Product Warranty Summary

General product Warranty

The information below states the manufacturer’s warranty and service details. Contract purchased goods may have a different warranty period and conditions than those listed below.

To claim your warranty, Technology Core requires that you provide Proof of Purchase (Invoice) and Serial Number.

Your Warranty period begins from the date of installation or from the date that the Goods were received.

Please consult with your dealer first for any support queries pertaining to the products purchased.

Immediately advise Technology Core of any damaged Products or queries/complaints that the Dealer, after using its best endeavours, is unable to answer.

Packing, setup, installation, removal for repair or re-installation after repairs are not covered.

Dead On Arrival (DOA)

Technology Core DOA policy is valid for 14 days from the beginning of the Warranty period. If a new product is/has failed upon its first use and is considered DOA by Technology Core, the product will be replaced. All freight, setup and installation costs will be covered.

Teamboard Products:

Technology Core warrants the construction and components for normal and reasonable use for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice for the following products: Technology Core warrants the construction and components for normal and reasonable use for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice for the following product categories: TeamBoard RT, 66” and 77”, Egan EVS Surface, TeamBoard Total Wall Mount (Fixed Height and Height Adjustable) TeamBoard IR LED/LCD Panels, TeamBoard Mobile UST Stand, and TeamBoard Options and Accessories.

This is a product warranty only and does not cover the cost of labour or shipping to and from the original installation point.

In order to obtain warranty service/s the TeamBoard product must be delivered to an Approved TeamBoard Service Centre within Australia or New Zealand at the owners or lessee’s expense. Packing, set up, installation, removal for repair or reinstallation after repair are not covered.

The warranty does not cover damage to any product resulting from negligence, abuse, improper maintenance, modification tampering or accidents. Conditions after leaving our facility are beyond our control. Technology Core is not responsible for freight or shipping damage, damage due to harsh environments or acts of God. All decisions of workmanship, failure, misuse and abuse remain with the manufacturer.

For Egan EVS Surface, the warranty does not cover damage to the surface resulting from negligence, abuse or accidents including but not limited to: burns, cuts, scratches, tears, scuffs, kinks, paint, abrasive chemicals, and permanent marker damage, dmage from markers other than EganMarkers or indentations. Use EganMarkers and EganCloth only. The use of any other product on the surface will void the warranty.

HDI Products:

HDI warrants the construction and components of its products for normal and reasonable use for the period listed below from the date of purchase/lease by the end user:


Model No.

Warranty Period

HDI interactive whiteboards


5 Years back-to-base

Projection Whiteboard


1 Year back-to-base

Multi Touch Screens


5 Years back-to-base

Mobi Trolleys

HDI Trolleys

5 Years back-to-base

Audio controller


1 Year back-to-base

Collaboration Devices

HDI-Connect Receiver
HDI-Connect Transmitter
HDI-Connect Charging Cradle

1 Year back-to-base

Wall Mount Bracket Height Adjustable


1 Year back-to-base

This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from negligence, damage from sharp objects, lack of proper care and maintenance or storage in extreme environments. All decisions of workmanship, failure, misuse and abuse remain with HDI. This is a product warranty only and does not cover the cost of labour or shipping to and from our factory. Items may only be returned with prepaid shipping with the written prior consent of HDI. No warranties other than those contained herein shall be applied. Some products may be manufactured by a third party. These products are warranted by the respective manufacturer.

For service and support please contact Technology core on 1 300 882 245 or log a technical request on our website here: Log a Technical Problem

Data Projector Warranties:


NEC projectors come with a 5 year warranty. For service and support NEC can be contact on:

131 632 or email and quote the type of NEC product, any applicable serial number and the date and place of purchase.


Panasonic projectors come with a 3 year warranty. For Panasonic product service or repairs, please call their customer care team on 132 600 between 8:30am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday (EST). Please make sure you have the following details available:

  • Product Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Purchase Date
  • Retail Store Name


Sanyo projectors come with a 3 year warranty. For any enquiries and customer support issues, or the supply of spare parts and accessories for SANYO products, please contact C + C Management Solutions on:

1300 360 230 or


Canon XEED and LV projectors come with a 3 year warranty and should you have a problem during the warranty period, Canon will replace your projector with an equivalent projector so you won’t be without one.

If you need assistance with your projector follow these easy steps:

  1. Refer to your Projector manual to see if it is something simple that has happened with your projector that the manual will guide you through rectifying. If it is only a new projector lamp you need, you can purchase one from your Canon dealer, or contact Technology Core.
  2. If the projector cannot be returned to normal working order after referring to the manual, call 1300 799 604 where you will be guided by one of our service experts through a troubleshooting procedure to get your projector back up and running
  3. If our experts cannot help you over the phone they will organise for your faulty projector to be picked up from you and they will also organise a projector of the same model (or equivalent) to be sent back out to you to get you up and running**

*Canon projectors come with 36 month warranty on the main projector unit + 3 month warranty on the lamp return to base as standard. The special offer covers your projector with a swap out service on the main unit + 6 months warranty on the lamp.

**Offer only available on products covered by Australian warranty. Swap out units may be new or refurbished models. Delivery may take up to 5 business days, and will vary depending on Customer's location. Customers are responsible for securely packaging the faulty projector for courier pick up. Ownership of the faulty projector will pass to Canon upon delivery.


Epson projectors come with a 3 year warranty.

For Service and Support please call the Epson Call Centre 1 300 361 054 and select the projectors option at the voice prompt. If the Call Centre is unable to solve the issue over the phone, the case will be escalated for further trouble-shooting. If the Call Centre deems the fault to be manufacturing/hardware related, then they will direct the customer to the nearest service agent.

Any and all postage/freight charges will be incurred by the customer. The Epson warranty only covers parts and labour (that is, if the fault is deemed to be manufacturing related). The Service Agent will usually get the customer to sign a form stating that charges will be applicable if the fault is deemed to be user-induced (e.g. Overheating issue caused by the filter not being maintained properly, use of non-genuine lamps, etc.). If a projector is presented with a warrantable fault, but is also excessively dirty/dusty inside (usually due to the filter not being maintained), then the Service Agent is liable to charge the customer to clean the unit.

For complete warranty details please see the manufacturers’ warranty card supplied with your product.

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