• Buy 3 70" screens and save $3,000

    Buy 3 70" screens and save $3,000
    Buy 3 70
    There is nothing better than a technology upgrade!
    Key Features:
    • Plug and play
    • No projector required
    • Beautiful HD display
    • 10 pints of touch
    • Limited time offer

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    Product Code: T170S3K

    The top features buyers will research when comparing an IWB with a HDi touchscreen

    HDi Touchscreen IWB
    Plug and play Need to recalibrate and be trained to use
    No projector required Projector needs managing and bulb regularly replaced
    Beautiful HD display in any environment Display affected by shadows and daylight and can dull over time
    10 points of touch emulating your smart phone Often one point of touch only

    Call us now to make the most of this limited time offer and discuss your technology needs further

    Terms and Conditions

    Offer valid until 29 March 2018. Freight excluded, mobility option available: manual height adjustable trolley. Save $3,000 based on the total bundle when purchasing 3x70”. Offer valid only for Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania.

    Please note: specifications subject to change without notice


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