• Qwizdom Oktopus (Wizteach 4) Software

    Qwizdom Oktopus (Wizteach 4) Software
    Qwizdom Oktopus (Wizteach 4) SoftwareQwizdom Oktopus (Wizteach 4) SoftwareQwizdom Oktopus (Wizteach 4) Software
    Interactive tools for teachers
    Key Features:
    • Cross platform software
    • Multi-touch & Pen compatible
    • Share and collaborate over content
    • 42 Languages
    • Upgrade to 70+ specific tools

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    Product Code: OKT
    Requires: iOS, Win, Android or Chrome

    Oktopus is an interactive presentation and collaboration software designed for use with any interactive whiteboard, interactive projector and any interactive touch screen flat panel display. It allows you to work over ANY content or application.

    Available in 42 languages and compatible with Windows and Mac, Oktopus gives everyone – whether in education or corporate – the flexibility to use the application, content and resource of their choice.

    Instructors can instantly share content as participants follow along on their personal devices, taking notes, answering questions and sharing annotations over the top of any live lesson.

    • Single user license – Code OKT-01
    • Five user license – Code OKT-05
    • Ten user license – Code OKT-10
    • Site license – Code OKTSCH-SCHOOL

    Watch a demonstration

    OKTOPUS™ Overview (YouTube)

    • Cross platform annotation software
    • Poll entire audiences and collect valuable feedback instantly
    • Multi-touch & Pen compatible
    • Work in real-time over your digital content
    • LAN Collaboration: iOS, Win, Android & Chrome
    • Includes 8 polling questions
    • Auto-detects screen resolution (4K Ready)
    • Upgrade to 70+ subject specific tools
    • Advanced reporting
    • 42 Languages
    • Whiteboard & Glass mode
    • Free updates

    Qwizdom Oktopus

    Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 & Mac OS/MacOS 10.7+

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