• HDi Montage Wireless Presentation Hub

    HDi Montage Wireless Presentation Hub
    HDi Montage Wireless Presentation Hub
    Wireless presentation done right
    Key Features:
    • Wireless content sharing
    • Inbuilt video & voice calling
    • Multi-platform software
    • Integrated annotation tools
    • Collaborate with remote participants

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    Product Code: HDI-MON
    Requires: Power - That's it!

    No more wires

    Share all your content wirelessly with everyone in the room without the need for extra cables and adapters.

    Connect & Collaborate From Anywhere

    View and share the screen of anyone in your meeting, whether they’re in the same room or on the road.

    Voice & Video Right Out of the Box

    Communicate with colleagues offsite using inbuilt video and voice calling.

    Made for Touch

    Engineered with touch in mind. Our gesture driven interface takes any touch display to another level.

    Control, Share & Annotate

    Control any PC from your touch display, let users share files and bring content to life with our annotation tools.


    No matter what device you have, now you can wirelessly stream to your large format display.

    How many devices can connect and be displayed on my screen?

    12 devices can connect and share their feed to the display. 6 screens can be viewed at any 1 time. Simply swipe through to the next screen to view the next 6..

    What client devices are supported?

    Participants can currently share their OS and Mac devices using AirPlay. Android users can use Miracast. There is also a web client and Windows desktop application.

    Does Montage use my network or create an access point?

    Either. When you switch on the box you can create an access point. Alternatively you can connect the box to an existing network -option to continue to use as access point.

    Do participants need to download client software?

    Local participants who want to share their iOS or Android device screen can connect via using the AirPlay/ Miracast functions of their device. Users can also connect via a web client so software download is not necessary.

    A Windows application is available for PC for those who want to connect over local or cloud.

    Does Montage support multi-touch?

    Yes, Montage is optimised for touch displays and if your display is a multi-touch display you can use it to navigate, swipe, maximise and rearrange your Montage of participant screens.

    What resolution does Montage support?

    Montage supports up to 4k resolution, if this is supported by connected display.

    Is there desktop control on the receiver/display?

    Yes. If a participant is the Active Display, and they are connected from a Windows desktop, the display can take mouse control of that participant.

    Does everyone need to be in same room/on same network?

    No. Using Montage, your participants can connect from a different network or location (NB- users must have registered the box to activate cloud services.

    Is there a meeting controller?

    The Montage box acts a receiver but anyone can present and control. If you have the box connected to a touch screen the interface can be controlled by whoever is at the display. Alternatively you can plug a mouse into the receiver box. Participants can also choose to ‘Be the Active Display’ in order to take the lead, meaning anyone can present directly from their own screen.

    Can multiple device platforms be shared at the same time?

    Yes. Your 12 visible screens can be a Montage of iOS, Android and desktop screens.

    Does Montage support audio?

    Montage supports VoIP for participants who are connected remotely. For in-room audio, simply connect the Montage box to your in-room audio system. Montage does not currently support audio from video files being shared from participants.

    Does Montage support video?

    Montage allows participants to share video from their connected device to the meeting room display at an approximate frame rate of 60FPS. Participants can also activate their web cam which will share as a window in their screen display.

    Is there data encryption?

    Yes. It runs at 1024 bit encryption.

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