• TeamBoard™ 66” Interactive Whiteboard

    TeamBoard™ 66” Interactive Whiteboard
    TeamBoard™ 66” Interactive Whiteboard
    Teamboard Interactive Whiteboard
    Key Features:
    • 4:3 aspect ratio
    • Resistive touch functionality
    • No specials pens required
    • Low glare projection surface
    • Easy to clean surface

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    Product Code: TMWM5442
    Requires: Install

    TeamBoard 66″ (4:3 aspect ratio) models are the most user-friendly interactive whiteboards. The standard 4:3 aspect ratio is familiar and compatible with most existing projectors and computer set ups, so you do not need to upgrade your existing equipment. Best of all you do not have to worry about losing any proprietary gadgets, pens or tools; all features are controlled with the touch of a finger! Plus you can write on the surface with a dry erase whiteboard marker; the TeamBoard is also a standard whiteboard.

    The low-glare Versa Surface is also perfectly suited for projection. The image can be viewed from any angle and seat in the room. The matte-white surface ensures that there will be no visible hot spots or glare – even without dimming the lights. 

    RT (Resistive Touch) Functionality

    • Your finger is the mouse–simply touch to ‘click’, ‘click and hold’ or ‘right click’
    • Easy for learners or presenters of all ages
    • Intuitive–directly touch what you wish to control
    • No special pens–nothing to lose or replace. No batteries needed
    • RT ‘air gap’ provides tactile feedback to your finger touch
    • Responds quickly and accurately to your touch with a tracking rate and resolution well above normal requirements. Where you touch, TeamBoard RT responds accurately

    Low-Glare Projection Surface

    • Perfectly suited for projection
    • The image can be viewed from any angle and seat in the room
    • The matt-white surface ensures that there will be no visible hot-spots or glare – even with out dimming the lights!

    Whiteboarding Mode, Standard and Electronic

    • No projector–no problem – TeamBoard whiteboard mode captures all your dry-erase drawings and notations into your PC; you can email them or store them on a shared access drive for students to use later
    • TeamBoard contains four modes in one board

    Action Bar

    • Integrated into the RT functionality–no extra cords or power required
    • Provides ’easy does it’ interactivity and is integrated into the board for simple, hassle-free use, without requiring any special pens
    • The most used functions are a finger-touch away for simple, hassle-free use

    Removable Controller

    • Easily removable by any user without the use of tools or technicians
    • May be upgraded or replaced in 1 business day; reducing the time you’re without your TeamBoard

    High Quality Construction

    • Advanced steel-backed, honeycomb core gives increased warp-free board strength and stability, with reduced weight, and is environmentally responsible.

    RJ45 Cabling

    • Adapts to (included) RJ45 cable for USB connection, providing performance and installation advantages
    • Draws its only power through RJ45 connector cable from the PC or laptop
    • Shielded RJ45 connector cable prevents data transfer loss

    Wall Mounting

    • Ships with a wall-mount bracket for easy installation. Additional wall-mount brackets are available for multiple, repositionable heights and locations
    • Everything needed to wall mount comes in the box
    Tracking speed 200 inches per second
    Aspect ratio 4:3
    Computer compatibility Minimum requirements: 500mb RAM, 300mb hard drive space, 500Mhz, CPU: Windows
    Software Includes TeamBoard Suite 5.0 and TeamBoard Draw. Upgrades are free, unlimited and downloadable
    Connection 1 USB port required on PC; shielded RJ45 cable connects via adapter (included)l no 110V AC required. control box is RJ45 female
    Power consumption DC+5V max 300mA (1.5 watts)
    Data transfer rate 12 Mbps
    Temperature range Operating: -40ºC to 35ºC
    Storage: -40ºC to 50ºC
    Change tolerance: slope less than 55 F/hr to 25 C/hr
    Humidity tolerance: Operating; 0% - 80% non-condensing
    Storage; 0% - 95% non-condensing
    Accessories All included: Stylus, HDi dry-erase markers (ACMI certified non-toxic), HDi cloth
    Warranty 12 month
    Wall mount
    Functionalities Height adjustable, stable TeamBoard
    installation, secure projector integration
    Certifications and compliances ADA compliant ISO99001:2008 & ISO14001:2004
    Projector compatibility Canon or Panasonic ultra short throw projectors
    Power requirements 230V
    Warranty 12 month
    Construction Laser cut and machined steel with powder-coated
    Overall width 62" (1590mm)
    Overall height 49" (1257mm)
    Overall depth 1 3/8" (34mm)
    Net weight without projector 85lbs
    Operating environment 5° - 40°
    Shipping dimensions & weight Dimensions:(W x H x D) 638mm x 1715mm x 260mm
    Gross shipping weight: 52.163kg (115lbs)

    Please note: specs subject to change without notice

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