• Vivi™ Wireless content sharing system

    Vivi™ Wireless content sharing system
    Vivi™ Wireless content sharing systemVivi™ Wireless content sharing systemVivi™ Wireless content sharing system
    Engage every student
    Key Features:
    • Compatible with all device types
    • 100% Wireless classroom solution
    • Display content from any device
    • Assign student control
    • Stream rich, clear video content

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    Product Code: VIVI
    Requires: Vivi receiver & software (Each sold separately)

    What is Vivi?

    Vivi™ is a wireless presentation tool that enables teachers and students to share, display, annotate, capture and save information in real time—from any application and any device in the classroom.

    Built exclusively for the education sector, Vivi™ allows today's tech-savvy students to access learning content effortlessly, engage more actively and collaborate more effectively.

    Each Vivi system requires both a receiver unit & software license (Each sold separately).

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    We don’t engage in the Mac vs. PC debate. Vivi is one for all and all for one. With Vivi you are equipped to use any mobile device, computer or tablet.

    Untethered Teachers

    Vivi allows for the teacher to move freely around the room engaging with students and is no longer restricted to the front of the room.

    Empowered Students

    The ability to easily take control of the screen empowers the students to show their own work and receive real-time feedback from peers and teachers.

    Central Admin Portal

    This portal is easy for admins to centrally manage all account settings, room names, boxes and user settings.

    Direct Video Play

    Play high-quality videos straight from the Vivi receiver, meaning the video is streaming directly from your hard-wired internet, and not slowing down your Wi-Fi network.

    Dashboard Analytics

    Curriculum and E-Learning Managers will be able to see the participation and engagement levels of Vivi users in their schools.


    SoM Model NXP Freescale IMX6 based
    Processor iMX6 Quad Core ARM Cortex
    Memory 2GB DDR3
    Storage 8GB eMM
    OS Linux (Pre-installed)
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