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Site requirements

Technology Core commences this installation with the expectation that the room(s) they are installing into are fully prepared by the school.

Pre/Post walk through with schools nominated point of contact & Install Team are mandatory at commencement & conclusion of installation.

Any considerable variations other than those noted on the installation sign off sheet must be pre-approved between authorised schools representative & their TeamBoard dealer and additional costs may be incurred.

Work Areas (OH&S):

Once works commence within a class room, the area is defined and zoned as a Construction Zone. All students, staff and visitors shall not enter the room until a Customer Acceptance form has been signed by the School Contact. This is to ensure safe conditions for the installers, staff and students.

Working at Heights:

(Please note the following only applies to ceiling mount projectors).The quotation you received is based on a standard ceiling height of up to 3m. Any room that exceeds this height shall not be covered under the standard installation rate.


Any variation to the Scope Of Works may result in additional costs to the customer. This will be agreed and documented by the School Contact before any variation works commence.


Power must be made available during each installation; quotes for power are based on reasonable access to closest existing power outlet. If access to available power is out of range additional costs may be incurred in order for electricians to route power to required location for the installation.


Additional charges may be incurred if an additional person is required i.e. if there are stairs or 2 people are required.

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Additional Requirements

(A power point is required within 1m of the installed equipment eg. screen, projector )

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