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For over 15 years, Technology Core Pty Ltd (previously trading as TeamBoard Australia) has continued to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of Interactive solutions tailored to meet the varied needs of teaching & learning environments around the world.

The solutions designed and supplied by Technology Core comprise all key components of hardware, software, installation & commissioning, professional learning programs to facilitate complete integration of solutions, after sales service and solution maintenance.

When clients work with Technology Core they are working with the designer and manufacturer, which in turn provides unparalleled access to tailored products and solutions to meet the specific needs of the client.

With over 111 Network Partners in 7 countries spanning Asia, North Africa, Europe and North America, Technology Core has unrivalled experience in the supply and integration of leading interactive solutions specifically designed for educational environments.

The company’s unique capacity to meet the specific needs of its clients has resulted in the installation and ongoing support of over 26,000 Interactive Whiteboard solutions and 1500 Interactive LED solutions into Australian classrooms over the past 8 years, and the installation and ongoing support of over 10,000 Interactive Whiteboard solutions into classrooms across Asia and other countries over the past 3 years.

Our interactive solutions have been designed to address the specific and diverse requirements of teaching & learning environments across the world, and are delivered and supported in the local language of each country. To support these implementations and their continued evolution, Technology Core continues to work closely with government and school clients in the sourcing, design, development and integration of key initiatives.

In this way we continually enhance and extend the daily application of interactive technology solutions for our clients that engage learners and support teachers to deliver high quality instruction.

The interactive technology and solution expansion projects outlined above clearly illustrate the capacity of Technology Core to undertake detailed long-term projects in countries across the world. They also highlight the depth and breadth of our product sourcing, expertise and value as a key partner to clients embarking on ambitious and detailed reform agendas around the development and deployment of technology rich teaching and learning environments.

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